Current Campaign

Alright guys, here is my plan for the campaign: Basically, for one reason or another, one or two of you has/have been cast out from Armelia, for reasons up to you. One or both of these characters can be an Inner Magic user, while the rest are Outer Magic or Martial users. I’ll be meeting with the exiled people in a solo/duo meeting or two, and introducing the rest of the party as we go on. You have the ability to share backstories, so please do so – it’ll make it easier on me. Roles are First-Come, First-Serve.

A couple of other things to keep in mind:

  • Although it is rare, people in the Inner Magic cities can be gifted with Outer Magic. In fact, given that Outer Magic is viewed as evil, this is a perfect way to justify your exiling.
  • Outer Magic and Inner Magic are, in many ways, polar opposites. Because of this, they cannot both be used by the same person. If you’ve received Inner Magic training, you can still fail at it and be gifted with Outer Magic. But once you have used one, the other is completely inaccessible to you. Basically, no hybrid or multiclassing with the opposite magic type.
  • I’m using a wiki for a reason. If there is something that you are curious about or want to add, feel free to ask me and/or add it yourself. I will be policing it, however. Don’t make me do more work than I need to, or I will not be happy.
  • Characters are level 4, typical magic item rules.

Please post links to characters below:

Ceinwen Hardey – Changeling Sorcerer
Marduk Lightbringer – Dragonborn Cleric
Rolen Cepter – Half-Elf Battlemind

Current Campaign

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