Obsidaia is an old world, shrouded in a long history of war and peace.

Hundreds of years ago, the folk of Obsidaia lived together as one, using Outer Magic peacefully. However, this peace was not meant to last – One day, beings known as The Shadowed rose from the far edges of the world and attacked the populace. Although the Outer Magic was able to protect the races for a time, it was unable to fully defeat the Shadowed.

All hope seemed lost, when a young man whose name has been lost to history discovered the Inner Magic. In doing so, he was able to strike a deep wound into the Shadowed forces, as he had found something they were susceptible to. In time, the Shadowed were defeated, and the world was peaceful for a time.

Before long, however, the new Inner mages began to blame the Outer Magic users for the rise of the Shadowed, fearing them and putting them down. They began to retreat into great walled cities, shutting out all Outer Magic users. In time, their history became rewritten, erasing the presence of the Shadowed from their history, and instead decrying the Outer Magic.

Years passed, and Obsidaia is now in its current state. The walled cities live in ignorance, while the fields and wilds live in conjunction with the Outer Magic. For now, all is peaceful.


Obsidaia Rauthiss