Power Sources


Martial techniques are used throughout the land. At Inner Magic cities, they tend to be looked down upon as simple by the practitioners of Inner Magic. However, they are still a step above the common folk, and are respected for their duty if not their power. Among places using Outer Magic, Martial users are treated similarly. However, they are more equal to the users of Outer Magic.


Psionics is the highest Inner Magic, requiring the most training and experience to be used effectively. Oftentimes, years of training will be needed before the most basic psionic powers can be used. Its practitioners are often part of the higher classes of Inner Magic cities, to the extent where it is rare to find a person whom is not a lord or greater. Psionics itself is so complicated that it is rare for one person to be an adequate teacher, resulting in Psionic schools.


Arcane magic is the lower of the Inner Magics, requiring less training than psionics, but still significant amounts. Arcane users are typically the middle class of Inner Magic cities, serving as butlers or caretakers to the psionic users. Unlike Psionics, the basic information on Arcane magic can be taught one on one, resulting in a number of common folk with the ability to harness the power.


Primal magic is the higher of the Outer magics, drawing its power almost entirely from nature and the world itself. Unlike the Inner Magics, primal magic is bequeathed to the user by nature itself, typically in the form of a small magic tome titled The Book of the Wild. This tome contains all the knowledge a primal magic user needs, and once acquired and accepted, will never leave its owner’s side.


Divine magic is the lower of the Outer magics, drawing the power of deities rather than nature. Despite this difference, divine magic is gifted to the user in a similar fashion to primal magic, its secrets sealed in a tome called The Book of the Day for good users, and The Book of the Night for less altruistic users.


Shadow magic is, unsurprisingly, the magic of The Shadowed and, as such, is shunned by outer and inner mages alike.

Power Sources

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